Alight Motion V6

Alight Motion V6 MOD APK 2023 โ€“ This is the era of digitalization and everything has become modern. Besides all, high-resolution photos, display, graphics, audio, video creation, and high-quality visuals have become essential in every field. Although a video camera or smartphone is necessary to capture top-notch videos, having a brilliant image and video editing app is compulsory.

If you are looking for a free and perfect app, the Alight Motion V6 MOD APK 2023 (Alight Motion Pro) might be your ideal choice. The femous graphics designer John Foimus use alight motion pro version for video editing.

Additional Information about Alight Motion V6
NameAlight Motion
requires6.0 and up
Updated1 Day Ago

Features of Alight Motion V6:

  • Add multiple layers of graphics, video, and audio: Users can add vector and bitmap graphics and edit them right on their phones. With over 160 basic effect building blocks, users can combine effects to create unique and sophisticated visual effects.
  • Keyframe animation for all settings: Users can link parent and child layers and rig character joints, and use cameras that pan, zoom, and support focus blur and fog. The app also allows users to group layers together and create masks, adjust colors, and change them as they wish.
  • Animation easing for more fluid motion: Alight Motion v6 allows users to pick from presets or build their own timing curves. Users can add bookmarks for ease of editing and make smooth videos thanks to the velocity-based motion blur. The app also allows users to export MP4 video, GIF animation, PNG sequences, and stills, and share project packages with others.
  • Vector Editing: Now Support Vector And Bitmap. Donโ€™t need a pc or computer for Graphic work, Edit Vector Graphics Right On Your Smartphone.
  • Advanced Color Tool: Color grading is one of the most important parts of Editing a perfect video. With the help of Visual Effects And Color Correction Tool make your video more effective. Adding Color to elements is now easier, add Solid Color or use professional-level dynamic Gradient Fill Effects.
Alight Motion V6


Download Alight Motion V6 for Free and Take your Video Editing To the Next Level. Create stunning Videos on your Mobile. For more info please visit out site.

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